A weight-loss clinic used her photo without asking. So she called them up.

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Meghan Tonjes awoke to an interesting Facebook message a few days ago. It didn’t bring the best news. GIF via Meghan Tonjes/YouTube. The message was from one of Tonjes’ 237,000 subscribers on YouTube. She’s a popular vlogger, so getting a message from one of them isn’t that uncommon. But this message was particularly … interesting. […]


Al Roker reveals White House bathroom mishap, extols post-weight loss sex

http://twitter.com/#!/alroker/status/288067084531953665 Watching #dateline and learning way too much about Al Roker. “I pooped in my pants.” — Rachelle Young (@youngrq) January 7, 2013 Just turned on Dateline to learn about the time Al Roker pooped his pants at the White House. His words, not mine. — The Real Matt Hunter (@BigAristotle503) January 7, 2013 Al […]