when I saw this on weight loss

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when I saw this on weight loss

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7 responses to “when I saw this on weight loss”

  1. ApawcalypseMeow says:

    Not every skinny person exercises, not every fat person doesn’t. It’s not a black and white issue, bullying doesn’t help.

  2. TheLotusEater says:

    It appears that fat people are not thick skinned. Just suck it up and fuck what others think! Do it for you, fuuuck….

  3. TheLotusEater says:

    Oh no! Someone in society called me something! I might as well quit…

  4. aRoDZiLLa says:

    shaming prevents nothing. it is much harder to create than destroy.

  5. Phallus says:

    More fat bashing Imgur/Reddit, what a damn shocker.

  6. ApawcalypseMeow says:

    Fat people know they’re fat just like smokers know smoking is bad. You can’t make them care enough to change if they don’t want to.

  7. ApawcalypseMeow says:

    It’s genetic more than anything. Some people draw a shitty hand and some people draw great ones, not that I support obesity, just saying