I Knew I Was Being Lied To But THIS Much? Wow, I’ll Never Trust Another Advertisement.

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As you use the Internet, you probably come across countless weight loss ads. They range from unrealistic promises (“Lose 10 pounds in five days!”) to downright dangerous suggestions (“Drinking a glass of vinegar will tighten your tummy.”). The thing to remember when you see weight loss ads is this: results take hard work. Most of […]


You Won’t Believe The Controversies Started By One Cartoon. Holy Animation.

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South Park is one of the longest running shows on television. Shows that run for a long time tend to stay safe, can get quite stale, hardly offend anyone, and don’t push the envelope. The opposite is true when it comes to South Park. The cartoon caused people to become heated about certain topics over […]


The Vintage Sex Toys Women Used to Buy Look Downright Terrifying. NOPE.

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Doctors began treating “hysteria” in women during the 1800s to relieve their pent up (ahem) tension. Medical professionals originally treated their clients though manual massage. Soon, they developed some strange machinery in an attempt to make it easier for everyone. Of course, business-minded folks saw the opportunity to cash in on the craze with their […]