Continued trauma! Worst part of Roker, Lauer on-air prostate exams? [pic]!/redsteeze/status/398459981634498560 Oh how the nightmare continues! As Twitchy reported, Matt Lauer, Al Roker and the “Today” show traumatized the nation with the pair’s on-air prostate exams. Yes, they jumped the ass shark. The “Today” show upped the horror with pics like this:!/TODAYshow/status/398428359480573952 Now, as people retweet the hurl-inducing photo, the trauma just won’t end. […]


I Knew I Was Being Lied To But THIS Much? Wow, I’ll Never Trust Another Advertisement.

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As you use the Internet, you probably come across countless weight loss ads. They range from unrealistic promises (“Lose 10 pounds in five days!”) to downright dangerous suggestions (“Drinking a glass of vinegar will tighten your tummy.”). The thing to remember when you see weight loss ads is this: results take hard work. Most of […]


At First I Was All, 'Really, David Blaine?' But By The Time He Started Crying, I Was A Fan.

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Magician David Blaine believes anything is possible. And no matter what you think of his history of “crazy” stunts, believing that anything is possible isn’t a bad way to live your life. Here, David tells the fascinating and entertaining story about the training for his 2008 breath-holding stunt, which ended up being “the most amazing […]